Cong Do Island

Location:On the south-east side of Hạ Long Bay, about 25 km from Bãi Cháy Wharf, Cống Ðỏ is in Bái Tử Long Bay (Bai Tu Long Bucht) in the region which recognised as the World Heritage. It has an area of 23,363 sq. m, and its mountain reaches a peak of 172 m. The island features many lagoons, which are the residence of numerous species of sea-life, such as shrimp, crab, fish, squid and aquatic plants. On the south-west side of the island, there is a wide coral reef displaying a myriad of colours.
Characterisrtic:Coral reef ecosystem is more than 700 m long and 300 m wide. It is preserved almost undamaged. In the future, there are plans for the development of a zone for scuba-diving. On the south-east side of the island, vestiges of the ancient commercial port of Vân Ðồn were discovered. This confirms beliefs that Cống Ðỏ Island once held an important position in terms of foreign trade.

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