Ba ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake is found on Dau Be Island (Calf Head Island) on the south-west Side of Halong Bay. This island is part of the range of islands at the farthest end of Halong Bay, bordering the immense zone Long Chau Sea. Ba Ham Lake is situated in the middle of a narrow, rectangular area, with the all four sides enclosed by vertical cliffs. The lake is a system comprising three wide and round pits, linked together by a narrow and meandering tunnel. Although 25km from the shore, it has long been considered an ideal tourism zone.
Starting from the entrance, tourists enter the first tunnel, which boasts a forest of stalactites and stalagmites in different shapes and various colors. Stalactites hang from the ceiling in a myriad of strange, colored forms. The deeper one pushes into the tunnel, the darker it becomes. The river is deep and transparent. Some 100m from the entrance one finds a shaft of light coming from the roof of the tunnel, which reveals different kinds of orchids clinging to the cliff, cycads growing here and there, truc duoi ga (a kind of reed with cock's tail-liked yellow leaves) flourishing in clumps.
The second tunnel has the same form and its entrance like the first. In the southeast cliff of the second tunnel there grows an old carambola tree. This is home to yellow hair monkeys, birds, flying squirrels and bats. Lying one cliff away from the second one, the third tunnel is home to various species of bats and yellow butterflies. Here is home to bats and yellow butterflies. Though outside the grotto the waves and wind blow strongly, inside the cave, the water is transparent and calmly. The silence is disturbed only by the sounds of the boat's oars.